Lockie Assignment

27 06 2007

Lockie Assignment Part 1

Lockie Assignment Part 2


Reflections on English Last Term

18 04 2007

The best work I did in English last term was, my Fox Assignment, I enjoyed making a cartoon for it, and I  put a lot of effort into making it a good one.

The most interesting thing I learned in English last term was, the different ways we could write a story.

The assignment I most enjoyed was, the Fox Assignment, because I find it fun to make cartoons.

I didn’t dislike any of the work last term because I have such a fantastic teacher.

The books I most enjoyed reading were, the first two books in the Godfather series.

Other things I have learned in English, are the different ways to write a story and apostrophes.

I found I learned most when I, wasn’t sitting next to Matt.

I could have learned more if I, wasn’t sitting next to Matt.

The environment I learn most in is, when it is quiet.

What I think I need to work on this term is, concentrating in class.

How I think I can make sure I’m working to the best of my ability, is if I concentrate in class

Hero Story

15 04 2007

When I was in grade 5 I discovered that my eyes shot out a high beam laser every time I watched an X Men movie. When I went to the cinemas to watch my first X Men movie, 23 people were killed and that part of town was completely destroyed.

10 years later, and after the 12th X Men movie, I finnaly realized that it was the X men movies that were causing my eyes to shoot out laser beams. I’d all ways wanted to be a superhero, but i knew it wasn’t possible to harness my power. So at that point in time I tried my best to stop doing anything remotely related to X Men. But it was hard, there were to many trailers of the movie on television and before other films in the cinemas, so it was after I bought my 24th television I decided that I would finish X Men for good.

I woke up in my apartment in the city, ate some breakfast had a shower, and sat down and writ up a plan. My plan was solid, I would buy tickets to the premiere of the 13th X Men movie on X Men Island. But there was only one problem. Finding a ticket. The good news was after 6 hours on the Internet, I finally figured out were the last couple of tickets were being sold, but the bad news was, they were being sold at an X Men convention. I was about to give it quits, when I remembered that I’m trying to finish off X Men not avoid it. So after that little problem a bigger one arose, X Men Island was off the shore of Miami, with me living in Australia and America in another continent meant  I couldn’t drive my car there, and with the amount of televisions and cinemas Ive had to replace meant I couldn’t really afford it. And then i realised, if were to have gotten on the plane, there was a high chance of them playing an X Men movie on the plane, because unfortunately for me X Men was very popular.

But, just before I was going to give up for good, I had an idea. Since i couldn’t travel on a cruise ship to Miami, because the same problem may happen, as with me flying there on an airplane. I decided to build my own cruise ship out of sticks I found on the beach, the best I could come up with was a raft, a very dodgy raft, but I didn’t really have a choice. I pushed my raft into the ocean, and paddled and paddled and paddled myself right into a storm ”GREAT” I thought as I tried to turn around and paddle back, which was pretty stupid because there was a 40 metre wave behind me, which didn’t turn out to well.

When I woke up, I found myself lying face down on a beach, on a tropical island. The most interesting thing about the island, was the natives, they looked like they too have been stranded, they wore t-shirts and shorts and spoke english.

” What are you doing on our island?” The natives asked

”i’m stranded” I said ”i’m looking for X Men Island”

”laservision?” They asked

”yep” I replied.



Doctor Who Review

12 04 2007

Doctor Who The Runaway Bride is about a bride, who disappears into thin air in the middle of a wedding, and then reappears on the doctors space ship called the TARDIS, the doctor then returns the bride to the wedding, which then turns into an adventure to defeat the spiderwoman and protect the bride. I think the genre it fits is science fiction, i think it is funny and scary at times, and i think the directors purpose is to entertain. It was filmed in England and it looked like it was filmed not that long ago. The main characters are Doctor Who, the bride, the husband and the spider woman. I liked the way they turned ordinary things, into extraordinary things and there wasn’t anything i really disliked in the show.

Doctor Who Questions

21 03 2007

1. What are some ordinary objects or events that are used in extraordinary ways in ‘The Runaway Bride’?
• For example, the Doctor’s timespace machine is disguised as a phonebooth; the alien robots are disguised as..? Think of at least five events or objects.
Wedding, sabotage, normal street, instruments, Santas, screwdriver, bauble off Christmas tree, police booth and the taxi ride.

2. Why do you think the show uses ordinary objects and everyday things in a strange and surprising way? What effect do you think it has on the viewer/reader to see everyday objects used in such a way? Is it funny? Scary? Exciting? I think that the way that they turn normal things, into extraordinary things is very interesting.

3. Do you think the scene on the freeway where the TARDIS is chasing the taxi would have been more or less effective if the TARDIS was a typical-looking spaceship? Why do you think this? I think that the TARDIS is more effective because a normal ordinary space ship would be too big to dodge in and out of cars on a freeway.

Foxes and Friendship

25 02 2007

1) Write a short piece on your blog, explaining what “friendship” means to you. Who has been a good friend to you? When have you been a good friend to someone else? What does it mean to be a “good friend” to someone?

I think Friendship is an important thing in everyones life, the last thing anyone would want would to grow up with no one to turn to when things go wrong.

2) Do you think it’s important to have good friends?

Of course, growing up with the wrong crowd could scar your future permanently.

3) Why is Fox described as a ‘flickering tongue of fire’? What does this tell us about the effect he will have on Dog and Magpie.

Flickering tongue of fire describes fox to be a bad guy who’s going to try and stir things up between dog and magpie.

4) Think of five words that describe Dog, Fox and Magpie.

DOG: Friendly, kind, athletic, one eyed and co operative.

MAGPIE: Shy, persistent, desperate, injured and stupid.

FOX: Evil, bad, stirrer, mean, and a bully.

5) Magpie feels that Fox’s smell fills up the cave. She isn’t really describing his smell, but how she makes him feel. What does this tell you about how she feels about Fox?

That she is worried and doen’t trust Fox.

6) Why do you think Fox splits up Dog and Magpie? Would he have done this if he had more friends of his own?

I think Fox split up Dog and Magpie because hes a bully, and if he had friends they would have probably helped him split hem up.

7) Why would Fox’s scream be a scream of despair? Why would it be one of triumph?

I think Fox’s scream is of triumph because he has made someone really sad, and made them feel lonely like him.

8) Do you think Magpie was really good friends with Dog? Why/why not?

No, because Magpie ditched Dog and went with Fox.

Just Annoying ARE WE THERE YET book review

9 02 2007

Predict what you think will happen at the end of the story. Explain why you think this. I think that Andy’s parents will come back and pick him up; they won’t make him walk across a long highway forever. And when they do pick him up the fly that was annoying him, and caused him to get out of the car, will still be there. Write a Horoscope for one of the characters, predicting what will happen to them on a crucial day.

Your parents will pick you up after throwing you out of the car, and then you will cause even more trouble than before and get kicked out for good. Then you’ll be eaten by vultures and your parents wont give a damn.